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Our Advanced Technology

Capital Eye Consultants maintain an array of the most up to date and advanced technology the industry has to offer for the treatment of both typical eye problems and specialized disease specific therapy. Combining advanced education in sub-specialized areas and the best technology puts Capital Eye Consultants patients in the best seat possible to treat even the most advanced eye care issues.

Some of our current technology includes:

Cirrus- HD OCT:

Advanced optics aid in the examination of patients with cataracts. Dilation is not required even for pupils as small as 2.5 mm.

Mouse Driven Alignment™ delivers superior image capture and analysis in just a few clicks, resulting in reduced chair time for the patient.

Auto Patient Recall™ assures patient position and instrument setting are repeated from previous visit.


Humphries Visual Field Analyzer:

The Humphrey visual field is a diagnostic device used to test a patient’s complete “visual field,” which includes the peripheral vision. It is a simple, painless, out-patient procedure and takes only minutes. It is based on automated perimetry, where repeated light stimuli of varying intensities appear in different parts of the field. Fields are charted on the basis of patient’s perception of these lights. The results obtained from the patient are then compared with those of the age matched normal population and the amount of damage is quantified. This quantified data allows for the early diagnosis and management of countless conditions. Progression is now easily monitored. This test is invaluable in diagnosing, and monitoring the treating patients with glaucoma, where peripheral vision irreversibly lost without symptoms until later stages. The Humphrey Visual Field is currently the gold standard for managing glaucoma.


IQ Iridex 532 micropulse laser:

The IQ 532 is a premiere green laser photocoagulator offering the most advanced retinal laser system design available. Dr. Appiah has been an industry innovator in the treatment of retinal eye conditions with this amazing new age laser system.


Zeiss IOL master:

The IOLMaster 500 incorporates advancements designed with the challenges of today‘s cataract practice in mind: precision, simplicity, outcomes. Simply put, the Zeiss IOL Master is the gold standard in cataract analysis and measurement.


OIS digital fundus photography:

The world's only all-digital retinal camera, the OIS Digital Fundus Imager II™ (DFI-II) captures high-contrast, continuous video clips for instant retinal evaluation. Its turnkey capabilities in fluorescein angiography, color fundus imaging, and ICG angiography handle the spectrum of clinical needs.

"No-flash" angiography results in greater comfort for the patient. Color fundus imaging even allows you to sweep the retina for full retinal documentation of your diabetic patients. 


Digitial B Scan ultra sonography

The Scanmate user can rapidly obtain high resolution video loops and still images with clear, sharp details. Post processing of the images includes playback, gain adjustment, contrast and image intensity variation, zoom without distortion, and distance measurements with dual digital calipers. All these features help provide a better diagnosis and improve the quality of patient care. 


Auto refractor 

An autorefractor or automated refractor is a computer-controlled machine used during an eye examination to provide an objective measurement of a person's refractive error and prescription for glasses or contact lenses. This is achieved by measuring how light is changed as it enters a person's eye.


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